Luxury bed frame

Sirius Beds are proud to offer a great range of premium and affordable luxury bed frame. If you need a peaceful and relaxing sleep that provides great benefit to your overall well-being, our state of the art bed frames are designed in a way that is going to improve your sleeping experience.

How to Choose The Quality Beds and Bed Frames?

The base of the bed structure is known as bed frames. It forms a perfect base that facilitates providing a comfortable sleep. Bed frames provide ultimate support, which creates a cosy surface to sleep on. With the variety of innovative designs available, the bed frames become a centre of attention in any bedroom interior design. 

If you are still unsure which type of bed frame is best for you, our experts can guide you in choosing the right one.

Popular Colours And Styles Available in Bed Frames

From the dark and dramatic range to the quirky and striking coloured bedpost, we offer a variety of popular colours for bed frames. Comfy sleep depends on a relaxing environment. Also, the colour you choose will reflect your personality and personal taste in the bedroom.

Furthermore, the neutral shades, traditional wooden tones and eccentric colour bed frames are equally popular. The most popular and fashionable choice is adding a bold splash of colour with painted wood frames, or you can use luxurious blue velvet fabric beds. Also, understated and traditional bed frames styles are preferred ones. It all depends on what you want.

Browse Our Range Of Cheap Beds

Whether you have a standard single bed or king size one, Sirius Beds offers an extensive range of cheap bed frames for all types of beds. Whichever interior room design you have, our chic and affordable designs allows you to sleep in style. We offer free delivery services in the UK, and your order will be processed within 5 to 7 business days. Moreover, the items are being delivered within an estimated 7-10 working days. Sirius Beds possess the best beds and mattresses for you to buy.

What Types Of Beds Are Available?

Are you looking for beds for your kids or adults? Our comprehensive range offers something for everyone. From divan to Ottoman beds, our range does not consume much space and provide a cosy sleep. 

So do not wait and browse our wide collection of products now!

Metal Beds


Metal Beds

Metal bed frames are popular ones because of its versatile design as it brings a touch of class to any interior of the bedroom. These frames are strong and sturdy, along with being stylish. A premium metal bed frame is going to last you for years to come.

Wooden Beds

Are you fond of having a natural and rustic ambience? Then classic wooden bed frames are a perfect choice. It is suitable for contemporary and traditional bedrooms and is incredibly strong and durable. Pine and oak wood tones are available in a variety of styles, like an ottoman bed. Latest innovations like painted wood designs offer a fresh and clean look.

Ottoman Beds

Ottoman Beds

The ottoman bed frames come with the ultimate storage that helps in keeping the clutter to a minimum. Perfect for maximising space, an ottoman bed comes with a hidden storage area that raises and closes with ease. So, you can store almost anything in it and manage the mess of everyday life. In the end, keeping your bedroom serene and tidy.

Divan Beds

Divan Beds

Divan beds are another popular form of storage beds that serve the same purpose as ottoman ones. However, ottomans feature a liftable top, while divan beds have integrated beds at the base. These shelves can be easily pulled out and offer a supreme hidden storage facility.